Brutally Honest Review of Proven Amazon Course

I am back, reader, after an unexpectedly long absence from this website.

This is an opportunity to introduce to Amazon, several new techniques that I have learned from marketing on Shopify.

The Proven Amazon Course by Jim Cockrum is the first part of the series. It is possible to listen to or watch or listen to the 40 or so minutes of the course here. It is very candid presentation with some bad language included.

It is intended for those individuals who are trying to decide whether or not they are going to take the course. It is not for those who have already purchased the course and want to confirm that they made the right decision. It does not really matter if you love or hate the course. I am an owner of PAC and a member of the group. However, there are certain parts of the course that I definitely don’t like.

The Short Version

All of these points are covered in the video. My overall impression is that PAC has useful information and is reasonably priced. However, the courses are primarily webinars with information that has previously be covered. It is my opinion that this is not a well-structured or efficient method of instruction.

This is not an efficient way to present information. It is similar to panning for gold in a river


PAC supporters and affiliates assert that it is the best choice. They compare prices and find that since PAC includes a PL course and has other features, it is clearly superior to ASM. They also provide their affiliate link.

However, if I am focusing on Private Label (PL), I am not concerned about liquidation flips, retail arb or online arb.

I question whether it is possible to compare PAC’s Private Label offering that has a nine-part, very disjointed webinar with what is offered by ASM. This is because ASM is one of the most in-depth and largest Amazon training program that is available.

It is true that ASM is overpriced and very expensive. However, that is not what we are comparing. The third Private Label course is now being offered. The first course was the very poor and not worthwhile taking. The second course, entitled Proven Private Label, by Tom Freeman was excellent. However, that course in now outdated. The third iteration of the course (as mentioned above) is only a series of webinars. (should be about 1k IMO )

It is not possible to make a valid comparison between PAC’s Private Label course and ASM (or even the free Private Label Classroom from Scot Volker). It is like comparing apples with oranges.

There are several other problems with PAC. Overall, the course is very disorganized and extremely uneven in the quality of the material. The PAC Amazon Merch course, which I was looking forward to, is just an introduction with absolutely no value. There are just webinars for the coffee course. The international selling section also consists of webinars. There is no useful tax information for either US or UK sellers.

However, there are some situations where I do recommend the PAC course.

There are several reasons why I sometime recommend the PAC course. Overall, the PAC course is very cost effective, there are free lifetime updates, it offers some free e-books and the community is helpful (although there are some problems with the course forum).

The PAC course also includes other Amazon business models which might be useful for individuals interested bookselling, arbitrage and other topics.

The webinars shouldn’t be called courses, although they do have some very good information in them.

The video contains the full version of the review as well as specific criticism of the group's censorship policy.

Additional Information on Proven Amazon Course By Jim Cockrum

The Pick a Guru is not very useful.

Readers of my blog know that I am not fond of affiliate marketing or many other schemes to make money online. However, you may not be aware that I have spent a considerable amount of money during my career on training. I will continue to do so, if it appears to be useful,

The courses are reviewed and promoted by greedy affiliate marketers. These individuals will give good reviews about any product that will generate good commissions for them.

I am tired of this situation. Therefore, I will be doing honest, candid reviews that are completely objective. I can do this because I have nothing to gain by giving overly positive reviews. I have absolutely no ulterior motive and I stand to earn no commissions from any reviews that I write.

A related issue with many course reviews is that if the person actually bought the course, is that they do them retroactively to justify the high cost of the course. As a result, it is impossible for them to give totally objective reviews.

By contrast, I don’t care.

Therefore, my Amazon reviews will be posted here. My other reviews for other sites, like Mech, Shopify, etc., can be found on my youtube playlist. These other reviews may not generate interest from my readers who sell on Amazon.

I want this to be a site where it is possible to share opinions and provide honest reviews of different types of e-commerce training. It has been my experience that public criticism is usually discouraged in the various guru groups. This will be where any type of feedback (bad, good or neutral) is welcome.

It will not be a place to just criticize a course. Instead, people will be able to share their opinions and make their own decisions.