Review Of The Ultimate Amazon Course By Philip Covington

Note: This course did NOT make our top 5 Amazon FBA list. We recommend checkout out that list here.

Philip A Covington has an Amazon FBA course and is an Amazon seller earning six figures annually.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of taking this course?

Should I become an Amazon FBA seller? Of all the online businesses, which is the best one for me?

I believe that there are numerous ways to earn an income online. However, there are very few that allow you to make money in a sustainable long -term manner.

In order to leave your regular 40 hours a week job, you need a regular income that you can depend on.

The main way to do this is through local lead generation on Amazon is one of them. This will be discussed later.

In order for you to make a decision about whether it is worthwhile to invest the time and resources to learn about the Amazon FBA opportunity, I will offer my opinion about this business opportunity with Amazon and give some specific observations about the course offered by Phillip.

The Pros and Cons of Amazon FBA

Should you invest in this Amazon FBA course?

Fullfilment by Amazon is abbreviated as Amazon FBA

With Amazon FBA, the fulfillment of customer orders is the responsibility of Amazon. They will take care of shipping, packing, customer service (returns) and storage.

As a result, you are free to do product marketing and to concentrate on the introduction of new products.

This is indicative of a very positive trend. The technology that is now being offered by Amazon and others gives many ordinary individuals the opportunity to operate their own businesses with lower operating costs.

If you want to make money online what is the most important skill that you need to make money?

It is true that it is crucial to select the proper merchandise to sell on Amazon.

However, it is the seller’s ability to attract online attention or to drive traffic, that determines their online financial success.

It is well-know that money loves attention.

Even if you are selling a how-to book about basket weaving underwater, you will earn a nice living if you can get in front of customers at scale.

The generation of online traffic can be done in different ways including:

  • Free Traffic (Rank your product listing or site higher organically)​​
  • Paid Traffic (Google Adwords, Facebook Ads)

Each of these traffic generation methods has their own advantages and disadvantages.

There will be immediate results from paid traffic. produces immediate results. However, due to the ad cost, the profit margin per sale will be lower.

Frequent tweaking will be required while conducting traffic campaigns that are paid.

A certain amount of time is required to establish and build free traffic. It important to recognize that you are not likely to get immediate results. You must realize that it takes time in order to get on Page 1. In order to do that, it is necessary to have the search algorithm recognize that you are the number 1 qualified result for the search. Although this takes time, it is the long-term result that is important.

Successful business is frequently built using free traffic.

Very high-quality leads are very often produced by free traffic. This is because you are getting exposure to individuals who are actively searching for your product.

This is much more effective than using Facebook ads. Those ads must persuade individuals going about their normal activities that they have a need for a particular item.

Since free traffic attracts visitors with no cost and no need to spend money on ads, it results in considerably higher project margins.

Once you are on Page 1 because of free traffic, you are likely to remain there for an extended period. This is because you normally have a good reason to be on Page 1.

One of the main reasons why I am happy with my local lead generation business, is that there are websites on page 1 that have not been changed in a long time that is attracting free organic traffic and earning regular income for me each month.

What Are the Main Reasons for an Amazon Listing to Appear on Page 1?

The success of your Amazon career will depend on your listing appearing on Page 1.

There are many tricks and shortcuts that so-called “experts” say will have your product on Page 1 quickly.

However, these techniques usually don’t work very well. This is because the algorithm that Amazon has developed has a number of built-in protections. As a result, new listings can appear on Page 1 but be gone by the next day.

A professional recommendation is that you will not have long-term success selling on Amazon, if you use schemes, tricks and hacks.

You should immediately be skeptical of these “experts” promising unrealistic and over-optimistic results.

This recommendation is based on my extensive research on the topic and numerous discussions that I have had leading women and men who have had Amazon selling success.

Conversions are the Main Determining Factor for Amazon Organic Rankings

The Question is to Compare the Number of Visitors to Your Product Page With How Many Are Actually Converted Into a Sale?

Since Amazon is running a successful business, the most important thing is converting traffic into sales. It indicate how the product being sold actually is.

That is why having an excellent product is crucial to your success on Amazon.

The key to Amazon success depends on the product.

Based on my experience, if the seller has an innovative and unique concept for their product, they are more likely to have success selling on Amazon.,

Due to the importance of product research phase, Phillip has developed three separate modules.

The other important component of increasing conversions, is to maximize the number of five star reviews that you receive.

This is based on the principle of monkey see, monkey do.

Take the example of a bakery. If there two bakeries and one has no line and the other has a long line, which bakery are going to go to?

It is crucial that for Amazon success, you need the best reviews possible.

While in the past it was possible to come up with fake reviews, that is no longer possible.

The emphasizes the need to have a quality product in order to get the best reviews possible.

The first step in achieving success on Amazon is to formulate a great product concept in your mind.

Liz Herrera, who has been extremely successful in Amazon FBA, has a dedicated staff of three full-time employee who are completed focused on the concept and design of new products.

Many people have asked me if it is necessary to be a creative genius in order to succeed in Amazon FBA.

That is not the case.

An alternative to developing new products from scratch, is to see what is working with the competition and to see the types of products that are working for them.

The best approach is to try to understand the strengths of two to three very popular products and then select those features of several different products into one good, marketable product.

You may have come up with a real winner.

Phillip’s course will discuss all of these strategies in more detail.

Nevertheless, there is no guarantee.

Amazon Business Pros and Cons

You may be able to begin earning income with Amazon by taking this course.

The future earning potential is illustrated by this chart which show the annual net sales revenue of Amazon between the years 2004 and 2017 (in billions of USD).

The third most visited site on the internet is Amazon. It ranks just behind Google and Facebook.

This ranking is even more amazing, considering the fact that Amazon is a store.

This long-term growth is expected to continue as more consumers buy things online (even groceries). Amazon Prime’s fast and free two day shipping is an attractive feature that makes it very competitive and will ensure Amazon’s future growth.

If you take Philip’s FBA course, you may be in a better position to take advantage of Amazon’s anticipated future growth...but there are definitely better course options we list in our top 5.

It is always possible to make money on Amazon, if you are able to generate traffic.

The greatest amount of internet traffic can be found on Google, Facebook and Amazon.

Therefore, it is logical that you focus your business on any or all of these sites.

If you have experienced coaching about how Amazon business works, you will be able to select the right product, interact with the manufacturer and properly market the product.


  • The discussion above has demonstrated that Amazon is an outstanding company that offers many opportunities. It is expected to have tremendous future potential with continued rapid growth. It offers any interested individuals an excellent chance to participate in this growth.
  • The Amazon FBA service makes it easy to sell physical products online. It is much easier that selling was on eBay, which involved storing, packaging and shipping. All of those tasks are now handled by Amazon.
  • Amazon FBA offers numerous opportunities, with a wide variety of product categories to choose from.
  • It is possible to launch products using your new skills so that you can establish a success process that is repeatable.
  • In order to create your dream lifestyle, it is crucial to develop multiple income streams. This will give you the opportunity to enjoy your new financial success. One of the recommendations of Phillip’s training program is to hire virtual assistants, who can handle the mundane tasks and allow to you have more free time to enjoy life.
  • Amazon FBA offers the potential for tremendous success. You can build brand equity by if you do good branding with an excellent product. It is possible that other companies and investors may buy you out.


  • Page 1 rankings on Amazon are different from Page 1 rankings on Google. This is because they are not permanent. In the event that you are able to achieve Page 1 ranking, you can still face competition from other products with more reviews. As a result, it can be very difficult to compete with those listings.
  • It can take time to start getting sales on Amazon. There are many steps to the business development process including setting up your business, procuring products, ordering and testing samples, creating listings and building reviews. The Amazon building development process takes more time than many other online business opportunities.
  • There are several aspects of Amazon that you have no control over. This includes updates on their policies, such as the requirements for customer reviews. It is, therefore, very important to stay informed about any changes and updates. If not, it can have an adverse impact on your business.
  • It can be very difficult dealing with negative reviews. Even if follow all of the required steps and take all of the necessary actions, you can encounter serious problems if you select the wrong product to sell.
  • It is impossible to know for certain which products will be successful. You could introduce several products at once and hope that one or more of them will succeed. However, this is too much of an effort for someone who Is just starting in the business.
  • The sale of physical products is very different from selling coaching courses or digital products. It is normal to encounter problems with manufacturers or with the supply chain. Your profit margins are likely to smaller and it require a considerable amount of ongoing work.
  • It is very difficult to protect yourself from competitors who want to copy the successful concept and idea for your product. It is a cutthroat environment with an increasing number of people who want to become Amazon sellers and it is becoming more difficult to appear on Page 1.

Conclusions About The Ultimate Amazon Course By Philip A Covington

This is a decent course about selling successfully on Amazon.

Phillip provides some useful advice on how to sell products on using successful strategies like campaigns of Facebook ads. He also describes how you can grow your by hiring virtual assistants who can handle many of the daily, mundane tasks that occupy your valuable time. Phillip also provides some useful tips on how you can eventually sell your Amazon business.

Again, it's decent, but there are much better options.

Those individuals who are truly dedicated to starting a business selling on Amazon may find this course to be a worthwhile investment.

The course that Phillip offers will save you time and money and help you to avoid costly mistakes, but we just believe there are better options as stated above.

Phillip condenses his many years of successful experience into short modules that will help you to avoid similar mistakes, which is one of the things I like the most about the course.

Despite the advantages and potential payoffs from starting an Amazon business, it will require dedication and time to develop. There are likely to be bumps in the road to success. Phillip will be first to tell you that his successful Amazon selling business, did not come without many challenges.

Selling on Amazon is not for the faint-hearted.

If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, then selling on Amazon is for you.

Have you had enough and reached your breaking point? This opportunity is for those who are sick of working a 9 to 5 job and want a change.

When are in a comfortable situation, you do not have the motivation to make a life-changing decision like this.

I found myself to be in a similar position. My regular job was not paying me what I felt I deserved. I finally took the steps to change my life for the better.

What changed my life, was learning about the essentials of local lead generation.

It allowed me to have my own websites dominate page 1 rankings. This was done by taking advantage of the power of free traffic.

The sites that I built were able to change my life as well as the lives of local businesspeople.

Many lives have been changed by free traffic.

A new hashtag should be created for that.

I earn income each month from every website that is ranked. My websites have clients that pay me everyone month. It is almost like making money from real estate.

However selling on Amazon, is much better than real estate because there is no maintenance or overhead.

I believe that local lead gen marketing is one of the best ways to make money online in 2019. This business has many key qualities including: proven, leveraged, long-term, ethical and evergreen.