Kevin David Review

Kevin David has been around since 2016 and has quickly made his way up the ranks of elite internet marketers.

The long hours that he spent in his corporate position, didn’t suit Kevin David.

Since leaving that job, his Amazon FBA success has allowed him to share his stories on Facebook and to travel throughout the world.

Since he worked for Facebook, he had an ideal job in many people’s opinion.

The Success Of Kevin David

Kevin had an entrepreneurial spirit which motivated him to not stay in his desk.

After graduating from college, Kevin worked for a while in a regular 9 to 5 job. However, Kevin wanted to work for himself and build his own business. As a result, he decided to investigate selling on Amazon.

He investigated the advantages and disadvantages of wholesale, retail arbitrage and Fulfilled by Amazon. After careful consideration, he chose FBA.

“Private label is really the place that you can create the most long-term, sustainable business that has the kind of equity you want.”

- Kevin David -

Kevin’s plans were received with considerable skepticism from his friends. They were used to traditional jobs with standard work schedules. It wasn’t easy for Kevin to give up his secure tech company job in order to pursue his entrepreneurial dreams and ambitions.

Kevin began building his business’ foundation and conducting product research, while he was still employed in his corporate job.

In the first week of selling on Amazon, Kevin was earning $1,000 each day after launching seven different products.

He quit his job and turned in his notice after selling on Amazon for one week.

He enjoyed the lifestyle of being a digital nomad.

Kevin thoroughly researched the market before his decision to begin selling on Amazon.

He emphasized that before making any major decision, it was extremely important to research the potential opportunities and to have an adequate emergency fund to help you survive during difficult times.

In order to be prepared for any difficulties during your transition to becoming an Amazon seller, it is important to have a safety net of six months to provide a necessary cushion.

“I think a lot of entrepreneurs experience – from their family and friends – those questions like, ‘Are you crazy? What are you talking about?’ And then once you’ve made it, it’s like, ‘Hey, how did you do this? Let’s talk again.”

- Kevin David -

Monkeying around during his travels.

Kevin was working with some friends when he started his business.

Kevin David Ramps Us His Business…

He bought out his original partners and found a new partner, once the business became successful.

When Kevin worked with a partner, he always looked for someone whose skills complemented his own.

The emphasis that Kevin had was on the creative aspects of the business. This involved the process of locating products, giving them a brand and then finding techniques to market them to customers on Amazon. Kevin’s partner was responsible for the interacting with the various suppliers and dealing with other supply chain and logistics issues.

“There was always a fire burning inside of me and I think other entrepreneurs have this. You just never really want to work for anyone else. You want to create something of your own and grow it into this real, live thing. It’s a really beautiful thing when you turn something from an idea into a real, live business.”

- Kevin David -

Ken was able to start him own YouTube channel that was called: “That Lifestyle Ninja”. He did this in addition to his selling activities. He wanted to share his experiences with others about how to successfully shift out of their corporate and to succeed on Amazon..