How To Get SEO Clients

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How To Get SEO Clients

If you’re an SEO agency, you need a constant stream of new clients to keep your business going. But unfortunately, new clients can be hard to come by. If you’re not doing the proper lead generation, you might find that your pool of SEO clients has dried up.

Luckily, there are dozens of marketing strategies you can try to get new SEO clients. It just requires a little bit of effort.

Let’s walk through a few of the different ways you can get new clients for your SEO agency.

1. Identify Who Your Target Audience Is

How To Get SEO Clients

Before you can start attracting new clients, you need to figure out who those clients are. Identifying your target audience should be your first step.

As an SEO agency, you might be tempted to target any and all companies online. However, if you’re going to go after every single company, you’re likely stretching yourself too thin. While it might seem like this can guarantee you get more clients, it can actually do the opposite.

Developing and targeting a niche can actually improve your number of clients. If you specialize in an industry or two, you can market yourself as an expert in those areas and more easily convince clients to hire you.

Think about what industries or clients you’d like to work with and make that your target audience.

Identifying a target audience doesn’t mean you can’t work with any individuals outside of those you’ve pointed out. However, it does give you a direct to work towards. You can focus on clients within your target demographic instead of stretching your marketing efforts across too many industries.

2. Locate Your Target Audience

Depending on the individuals you’ve decided to target, how to locate them will differ. But in order to properly pitch your services, you need to locate where your target audience is spending their time so you can get in front of them. This will usually include a multi-channel strategy, including in-person events and online pathways.

How To Get SEO Clients

Take a look at your target audience and consider how they network or look for vendors. Are they attending events and conferences, or are they asking questions on social media platforms like Reddit or Quora? Do they ask friends, family, or business partners for referrals, or are they finding vendors through a Google search?

It’s likely that your audience is doing multiple of these. However, you need to identify which.

To start locating your target audience, look at some of the clients you like to work with or clients you want to work with. Using their website or LinkedIn, identify the decision makers within the company, like the president or CEO.

Then take a look at that individual’s social media presence. Are they active on LinkedIn or Twitter? Are they engaging in Facebook Groups? Or are they nowhere to be found?

Identify patterns in some of these ideal clients or current clients. When you have an idea of how your target audience is spending your time, you can craft a social media strategy to get their attention and convert them into clients.

3. Create a Content Strategy to Get Your Target Audience’s Attention.

Now that you know who your audience is and how they’re spending their time, you need to get their attention. This almost always involves a content marketing strategy.

How To Get SEO Clients

Whatever content you choose to create, try and get your customer’s contact information. Getting their name and email address means you can send them emails or updates that helps move them along the sales process.

There are many different ways you can use content to attract attention from potential clients, but you need to craft your narrative around their needs and preferences. However, there are a few standard processes you can follow.

For example, blogging is a great way to get your name out there. Creating high quality blogs that show your expertise can show your audience that you know what you’re talking about. It can also help potential clients understand SEO and why it is important to their businesses.

Other kinds of content you can include are webinars, ebooks, podcasts, infographics, and more.

It’s important to diversify your content marketing strategy because people like to get their information in different ways. Creating different kinds of content means you can attract more people.

However, look at who your target audience is and what kind of content they might want to consume. If they’re busy CEOs, video content or podcasts they can consume on the go could be a good option. If they’re managers or other individuals with time to invest in their training, webinars could be a good option.

4. Refine Your Pitch

How To Get SEO Clients

Your sales pitch will be what ultimately seals the deal with your clients. It needs to be perfect.

A generic pitch isn’t going to impress anyone. To get new SEO clients, you need to think of what they need to hear to want to hire you. Consider the benefits that your services provide, then match them with the unique needs of each prospect.

While you can have a generic pitch template, you’ll want to tailor your pitch to each individual for better returns. This can take some additional time, but it will be well worth it in the end.

You also want to have different pitches depending on how you’re connecting with prospects. Sending a pitch in an email is much different than how you might pitch over the phone. Perfect your sales pitch for all pathways you might connect through.

5. Focus on Building Trust

How To Get SEO Clients

While a great pitch can land a one time buyer, it doesn’t create long-term SEO agency clients. Building trust does that.

You should be building trust both before and after landing a deal. Offering a free consultation is a great place to start, but continuing to offer high-quality advice throughout your entire relationship with your client can create long-term partnerships.

Instead of focusing on just closing deals, focus on ways you can help––even if it means telling a client your services aren't right for them. While SEO is needed in all industries, if a client isn't ready for SEO, let them know.

This kind of objectivity can show you're in business to help, not just to make money. When they eventually are ready for your services, they'll come to you to buy––and they even might tell their connections about you as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

What SEO Marketing Strategies Do I Use to Get New Clients?

Keywords are the first element for a successful SEO strategy. The keywords should be long-tail and relevant to your brand. Long-keywords will help you understand the potential clients' intent when searching out for what they need. You need to add a little more relevant words to your keyword to make it appear longer.

When people search for services relevant to your brand, they may key in more than one word in the search engine, and if your keyword is long, there is a high chance of your website popping up in the search engine. The best places to target your keyword are on your website, Meta description, blogs, among others.

Long-tail keywords will connect your website to people looking for relevant services. And will most likely become your customers. You also need an in-depth site with quality content. It is a vital element for high rankings in search results. It helps your leads to learn more about your company.

Content marketing is another SEO strategy to get new clients. It allows you to share and interact closely with your audience. It helps you in establishing your business authority as you drive traffic to your site. For successful content marketing, you need to create topics and ideas related to your brand and use the keyword to monitor the leads.

Another marketing strategy to acquire SEO clients is through user-focused design. For this service to be active, you need to increase dwell time on your website, which sends a signal to Google. It creates an impression that your site is helpful to your potential clients.

The user-focused design also helps your audience to find relevant information to their needs, keeping them engaged for long on your website. Responsive design is another SEO marketing strategy. It doesn’t limit device usage for your audience. They can access your site using any device as long as your site loads effectively on all devices.

Voice search optimization is also another SEO content marketing strategy. You need to understand how your leads search verbally to enable you to optimize voice search. Users conduct verbal searches by phrasing their search queries differently from your keyword.

Your website needs to have a maximum loading seep at all times. It should take at most three seconds to load. Your leads will be impatient if your site takes long to load. They will leave your website for a competitor that loads faster. It is a risk because a high bounce rate of your users will notify Google that your website isn't relevant to your search query.

How Can SEO Improve My Website Conversions?

SEO improves leads, which will eventually generate conversions. You need to build quality content for your site, attract backlinks, and establish a credible relationship with Google. Your audience will be redirected to your website if you make your page purpose clear and with the right information provided to the searches.

SEO will also help you improve conversions when you have longer and valuable content. Your audience determines your value by the type of content appearing on your website. A relevant audience will always search for useful information. So, you need to ensure that your content is of high importance because it increases the chances of high-value conversions.

SEO increases site navigation and helps your audience find what information they need. Your customers will leave satisfied with your services if they get a good user experience from your site. To improve user experience, examine your homepage and ensure critical features are okay.

Will Organic Search Help Me Get New Clients?

Yes. It is the easiest way for your audience to find what they need. Your leads will judge the credibility of your website by it’s ranking in SERPs. High-ranking organic searches on Google are the best way to build your audience's trust, build your brand reputation, and generate leads.

Ensure your site ranks in top positions among the most extensive range of search queries. There is high competition on SEO rankings, so your effectiveness in acquiring new clients will depend on your website rank. You can research the great trending topics and know where to position your rankings to see your brand's rank.
How Do I Know Suitable Keywords for SEO?

The keywords need to be of high value and competitive, not just to bring in any leads but to help you get the right people looking for your products. Unique keywords will help you to stand out from your competitors. Try using new keyword tools and have great content that answers to the needs of your prospects. You need to change the keywords periodically.

How Do I Make My SEO Keywords Work?

When you have identified the right keywords, you need to use them to drive traffic to your site, generate leads, and possibly get conversions. Include the relevant keyword in high attention areas like titles, the URL body text, image file names, among others.

You will need to group your keywords by dividing them into small groups to create targeted and specific pages. For instance, you will create one keyword for all your products and projects and segment them into small individual subgroups for each product. You will end up with separate pages for each keyword group.

Your keyword grouping has the title, URL, keyword variations in the page copy, use meta tags, image file paths, and anchor text. Keep in mind that your focus should be on keyword relevancy and not density.

How Do My Targeted SEO Keywords Generate Traffic?

Your keyword is a significant SEO element. Keywords make it possible for your leads to find your site on search engines. Your keywords need to speak the same language as your leads, and they help you to connect. You need to research and know-how your audience is looking for the products so that you optimize your keywords for them to find your website easily.

Keywords make you rank higher on search engines above your competitors. You will need to develop a list that will direct you to choose the correct one after thorough research. And know if the set keywords suit what your audience is looking for. You can track the frequency of your search needs by using a rank tracking tool.

You can use Google Universal ranking data for advanced website rankings, look for SERPs features, and report under Competitive Intel, which allows you to rank high with optimized content. You can also break down your data further by looking at keywords that trigger searches. Then evaluate your chances to improve your ranking.

Can I Use Free SEO Tools to Generate Traffic?

Yes, free tools will help you to generate traffic to your website. Offer up a free tool that your audience will love as a way to drive traffic. The tools attract the relevant audience to your site, which will help you collect adequate information to guide you in the follow-up.

Will Paid Ads Get Me New Clients?

Yes, paid advertising helps you generate leads to your website, especially when you have a young brand in the market. Since there’s high competition, many large competitor companies will always rank higher on SEO. So the best thing is to run paid ads. It also connects yours to the right audience interested in your brand.

To get immediate results in paid ads, you need to occupy a top position on SERPs due to your competitors. However, it is good to note that you will encounter a significant drop in traffic from your site when you stop using paid ads. It will affect your generation of new clients and might affect your sales.

How Do I Build Links Help Me Get Conversions?

The pages on your website will help you to build internal links. If your website is large, you can use a site to find relevant content. You can link from official high ranking pages. Ensure that the ranks are not competitive and don't include too many links. It can affect your link equity. Find anchor texts closely related to your keyword and link to your site.

When you build links to your site, the SEO will acquire those links to boost your page. The links are from high ranking authoritative sites and body paragraphs that have informative resources to attract your audience. The links will keep your leads focused on your website and help them to get more relevant information, which eventually leads to new clients.

Link building also helps you get domain authority for your website, which allows your site's high ranking. Your site's domain authority will be determined by the link equity of the top authority pages.

Where do I Place My SEO Keywords?

Your SEO keywords should appear in the title and the first paragraph of the introduction. And you can always manage your keywords in the form of a question. You don’t want to include many keywords because it will lead to unnecessary keyword stuffing.

Final Verdict

If you don't know what you're doing, getting new SEO agency clients can be difficult. However, if you have a strong lead generation strategy in place that continues to attract new prospects, you can grow your business easily.

Focus on building trust, creating content your audience needs, and understanding your target audience. When you develop a marketing strategy that fits their needs and challenges, you can better connect with the people you want to work with and easily build your client base.

Just keep adjusting your strategy until you make strong, long-lasting connections with your target audience members.


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