GetResponse Review

Getresponse Review

Overview of GetResponse

Getresponse Review

GetResponse offers a number of different services designed to help you build a profitable online business. Their email marketing and autofunnel creation services can help you grow your customer base and increase your monthly sales.

GetResponse's team of over 300 experts work hard to create solution to help you move your business forward. Read through our review below to learn more about the various services they offer to help you get a feel for whether GetResponse will be a good fit for your business.


Autofunnels are designed to help you manage the different aspects of your business, simplify processes for the visitors to your website, and increase your order conversion rates. You can create funnels to help direct visitors to your page and encourage them to place an order.


A funnel may start with creating an ad on Facebook or Instagram to entice potential customers. When the customers click on your ad, they'll be directed to your landing page, where they'll be able to opt-in to your mailing list or sign up for webinars your business offers.

After signing up to be part of your mailing list, you'll be able to send welcome emails and other automated emails to let your subscribers know about the various products, services, or specials you offer. These emails can help convince your subscribers to check out your website and place an order.

Predesigned Scenarios

You can even create links in the emails you send that will direct your leads to a conversion-focused sales page that will allow them to easily select the products they want and check out quickly. Since GetResponse offers eCommerce integrations, you can connect your shopping cart with various eCommerce solutions such as Etsy, WooCommerce, or BigCommerce to further simplify the checkout process for your customers.

Sales Goal

You can also create steps in your sales funnels to notify customers of items they may have left in their shopping cart without checking out. This can help you regain some sales that you otherwise may have lost out on.

Finally, the one-click upsell pages you'll be able to create using GetResponse can help you increase your average order totals, thus increasing your profits.

As you can see, the autofunnel features offered by GetResponse can be very beneficial to your business. They can help you attract new customers, keep them engaged with the products and services you offer, and encourage them to visit your website and place an order.

GetResponse can help you create funnels to meet all of your online selling and marketing needs. You will be able to create sales funnels to help you increase your sales each month, lead funnels to help you generate new interest in your business, and webinar funnels to help you generate revenue by sharing your knowledge on a particular topic.

You'll find creating the perfect, attractive funnel is easy with GetResponse. They offer more than 30 conversion-optimized funnel scenarios for you to choose from. Each pack was professionally designed to help your customers feel more comfortable with what you're offering.

Landing Pages

One of the key pieces of the funnels you'll create will be the landing pages. Landing pages are an effective way to generate more interest in your business and receive information and sales from visitors to your site. Rather than directing users who click on your ad to your home page, direct them to a targeted landing page that will contain the relevant information they're interested in.

Grab Attention

GetResponse offers hundreds of landing page templates for you to choose from. You can use them to create opt-in pages, promotional pages, or download pages, depending on your specific needs.

Each template is designed to be fully responsive on mobile devices, so your customers will have no problem entering their information if they visit your page from their cell phones or tablets. When you are creating your landing pages, you can also switch to the mobile workspace to see how your page will look when viewed on a mobile device and make any modifications that you want to.

To help you personalize your landing page and add attractive images that are relevant to what you're offering, GetResponse provides you access to more than 5,000 images from Shutterstock. You'll be able to use their image editor to personalize the images to meet your needs.

The drag and drop editor offered by GetResponse will help you build your landing page to your exact liking. You'll be able to easily insert text and images, resize objects, or move them around the page.

Mobile Friendly

You'll be able to create pop-up or sticky sign-up forms that can make sure your potential customers don't leave your website without entering their information. This will help you expand your lead base and will help generate more sales and revenue for your company.

Drag and Drop

GetResponse will also allow you to complete A/B testing to compare how different versions of a landing page design perform. You can create two different landing pages and send half of the visitors to your site to each page.

Then, you'll be able to compare which version generated more leads and sales. You can choose to use this version going forward to help you increase your bottom line.

Email Marketing

Another big selling point for GetResponse is the email marketing services they offer. You'll be able to create attractive and effective emails to send your customers to increase customer engagement, loyalty, and orders.

Email Marketing

You can use GetResponse to send a variety of email types. One type of email you can send it a broadcast. This would be a one-time email, such as a newsletter, that you could create to send to your entire lead list, or a specific segment of it.

GetResponse also works as an autoresponder. You can create follow-up emails that will automatically be sent after a subscriber joins your email list or performs another action. These automated emails can help you welcome new customers and let them know a little more about the products you offer.

Types of Email

With GetResponse, you'll also be able to send a variety of other automated emails that can help you stay on top of your business without feeling like you're constantly chasing down customers.

Personalized Messages

When you are setting up your automated emails, you'll create emails that will be sent for a variety of different purposes. For example, you can create one email that will be sent to follow up and thank a customer after making a purchase and a different email that will be sent out if a visitor to your website adds items to their shopping cart, but does not follow through and place an order.

After creating these templates, you won't need to do anything else. GetResponse will automatically send them out after the specific criteria you indicate has been met. This service makes it much easier for you to stay on top of your communication and customer service and can help keep your customers loyal.

When you use GetResponse, you can also be confident that your customers will receive the emails you send. They have a 99% deliverability rate, so you won't lose customers due to unintentional lack of communication. 

GetResponse also offers the Perfect Timing and Time Travel delivery tools to help you determine the optimal time to send your emails to your customers.

Designing the perfect high-conversion email will also be easy with GetResponse. You'll can choose from their large collection of email templates and personalize them with images from Shutterstock.

The drag and drop email editor will you insert and position items on the page exactly where you want them to be.

GetResponse also offers tools to help you analyze how effective your emails are and conduct testing to determine the most effective emails to send. You can view data related to the number of subscribers who open your email, click on links, and purchase products from your website.

You'll also be able to create two different versions of the same email and conduct split testing. This will help you determine which version is the most effective at generating sales.

Split Test

GetResponse offers numerous integrations to connect your emails with the others services you use. Some of these integrations include PayPal, Shopify, WooCommerce, WordPress, and Facebook.


If you offer webinars to your customers or website visitors, you'll love how using GetResponse can improve them and help you generate more sales or new clients.


With GetResponse, you'll be able to livestream your webinar on YouTube or Facebook, use the chat feature to foster engagement and allow attendees to ask questions, and create various polls to assess understanding or receive feedback. You'll also be able to create recordings of your webinar to allow you to save or store them for future purposes.

Pros & Cons


  • Creating funnels to increase the number of leads and sales your site generates is simple.
  • You'll be able to create attractive landing pages.
  • The webinar features will allow you to offer engaging and interactive webinars.


  • The least expensive plan (Basic Plan) will only allow you to create one sales funnel.

Final Verdict

GetResponse offers numerous tools to help your online business take off. You'll be able to add more customers to your lead list and increase your monthly sales.

You'll be amazed at how effective and easy to use GetResponse is. Visit their website and get started today!


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