Ecom Elites Review

Ecom Elites Review

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Over the past few years, the Ecom Elites courses by Franklin Hatchett has become increasingly popular. This has been because it works as an effective introduction to eCommerce and affiliate marketing, which has become an attractive niche for many people.

However, many of us may wonder whether it’s a recommended option for some people to study. Much of this is because there’s a wealth of other courses to choose from. After running through the course, there’s a variety of things that become evident.

Ecom Elites Review

This should be true regardless of which package you take advantage of. There are two on offer. The first is the standard option, which offers a wealth of resources and tools to capitalize on. Alongside this is the more expensive Ultimate package.

This includes everything that you’ll see in the standard option, plus much more. If you’re wondering whether either of these would be recommended for you, then there are a few things that you’ll have to know first.

The Modules in Ecom Elites

Module 1: Setting up Shopify

Setting up a Shopify store is something that many people may have difficulty with. This is primarily because it could be much more complicated than many people would have initially thought. However, both packages offer an effective and easy to understand way.

This also includes a deep-dive into choosing a niche and the various store types that you can choose from. The course also covers installation, themes, and much more. This should mean that you’ll know everything possible about doing so when you’re finished.

Module 2: Sourcing Products

Naturally, once you’ve set up and online store, you’ll need to fill it with products. This could be an overwhelming process for many people. However, this course breaks down the sourcing process in quite an easy to understand manner.

The module focuses on helping choose your niche and the various products that would be better suited to it. It also shows you how to build relationships with suppliers, which should be quite a noticeable advantage for many people.

Module 3: Facebook Ads

This seems to be the largest module in the course, with it also being much more intense than other sections. As such, you should be prepared to put a significant amount of time into it. There’s quite a considerable amount of stuff to learn with this module, which could make it worth the money by itself.

This includes data mining, conversions, setting up a Facebook business account, and much more. Alongside this is that the module is continually updated, which should mean that you’ll have access to some of the latest strategies.

Module 4: Instagram Traffic

Instagram has been quite a popular social media platform for eCommerce professionals and affiliate marketers for quite some time. This is because it can help you make a significant amount of money when done right. However, this could be somewhat more difficult than you would expect.

This is what this module focuses on, as it covers everything that’s needed to achieve a large following on Instagram. While this isn’t as intense as the Facebook module, it could still be just as high-quality and effective once everything is put into practice.

Module 5: Email Marketing

The majority of marketing and online sales professionals know how vital email marketing can be. As such, having a high-quality education in the niche is mandatory for anybody who wants to launch a career in it. This should be exactly what you’re getting with this module.

There are a few platforms that are focused on here, so you should be able to use a variety of email marketing systems once you’re done. This includes setting up an account, optimizing sales and marketing emails, and much more. As such, this could be useful for a wide range of people.

Module 6: ChatBot Profits

While chatbots are still relatively new, they’ve become quite useful for many eCommerce professionals. However, many of us might not know how to use them effectively. This shouldn’t be the case anymore once you’ve gone through this Ecom Elites module.

The module shows you everything that you need to know about setting up these chatbots wand getting them running properly. As a result, you should be able to add a certain amount of automation to your site.

Module 7: Building Sales Funnels

While this is only available for anybody who signs up for Ecom Elite’s Ultimate package, it’s still something that many people can capitalize on. This is because building a high-quality sales funnel can often be much more difficult than many of us would have initially thought.

While much of this module focuses on clickfunnels, you’ll be able to apply the lessons to other sales processes. By focusing on this, you should be able to maximize your chances of profit with this kind of software.

Module 8: Google Ads

This is another module that’s only available for the Ecom Elites Ultimate package, which is another reason why it could be recommended. This is because Google Ads is something that you may end up using quite extensively in the future.

However, this can often be quite complicated, though it’s simplified quite considerably in the course. This should mean that everything is easier to understand than you might have thought. As a result, this is one of the more effective modules to utilize.

Module 9: Organic Google Traffic (SEO)

Developing natural search engine traffic is something that every eCommerce professional will have to spend a significant amount of time on. However, this is often one of the more complex part of the process, which is why many of us will need help with it.

This could be why this module could be vital. It’s also something that has had a large amount of time put into this. As such, there’s quite an extensive number of videos and resources for you to learn from with this.

Bonus Content: Increase Sales & Secret Videos

While the Ecom Elites course puts a significant amount of emphasis on marketing, that doesn’t mean that it ignores sales completely. Instead, it just means that it’s somewhat less prominent. However, you’ll still be able to take advantage of this bonus content.

This should help to give you an extra edge over many other eCommerce professionals. Much of this is enhanced though how effective the tips and tricks in these videos are. This means that you should have a variety of sales strategies to capitalize on.

Q&A Module – Live Q&A Videos

Alongside the course material, Ecom Elites also has a Q&A module, which could be an attractive area for many people. The main reason for this is that there’s a variety of live Q&As to learn from.

This should mean that you’ll have any questions addressed, with this being done relatively quickly. As a result, it could be quite an attractive resource.

Facebook Group

One large attraction of the Ecom Elites course is that there’s quite an active community surrounding it. A lot of this is seen through its Facebook group, which you’ll be given access to once you sign up for the course. This could be quite an attractive aspect of the site.

There’s a large number of members of this group, many of which are continually adding tips and tricks to it. As such, you should be able to learn from and engage with many of them.

Pros & Cons

There’s a wealth of reasons why many people might want to consider signing up for Ecom Elites. Naturally, there will be a variety of pros and cons that you’ll want to be aware of before making your decision.

While some of the benefits may seem obvious, there are a few that may not be. These should prove to be quite appealing for the majority of people. Some of the more notable include:


  • Variety of videos to learn from.
  • Practical and straightforward, which makes it easy to understand.
  • Offers a significant amount of value for money.

Though each of these benefits could prove to be somewhat attractive, there are also a few notable drawbacks that you might want to be aware of. No affiliate marketing course is perfect, which means that there are several negatives with Ecom Elites. The largest of these are:


  • It places much more of an emphasis on marketing instead of selling.

Naturally, you might want to weigh these advantages and disadvantages before making a decision. Many of us might place an emphasis on different areas, so these could have somewhat of an impact on whether or not we sign up.

Despite this, eCom Elites seems to be quite high-quality, with the various benefits outweighing the negatives.

Final Verdict

eCom Elites seems to be quite a high-quality and well-recommended option for the majority of people. As such, it could be an affiliate marketing course that you should consider. While it does have a few drawbacks, these seem to be drastically outweighed by the majority of its benefits.

This should mean that you’ll receive most of the skills and expertise that you’ll need to launch an affiliate marketing career. While this will inevitably take a significant amount of time to master, eCom Elites should prove to be a useful and effective guide to the niche.


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