Clickfunnels Review

Clickfunnels Review

Overview of ClickFunnels

Clickfunnels Review

ClickFunnels will provide you with everything you need to create effective funnels in just a few minutes. As you create the funnel, you'll be able to develop all the components of your website that will be needed, set up automatic email responses to your customers, and get your online store ready to sell your products. This means that ClickFunnels can take the place of multiple different apps you may otherwise need.

When you use ClickFunnels, you won't need to enter any code, so you don't have to feel like you're tied to a web designer. ClickFunnels makes it possible for you to easily create your own sales, lead, or webinar funnels.

There are eight main steps you'll need to take to get your funnel created and ready to go. We'll provide an overview of each of these steps to help you understand the process for creating a funnel and just how simple it really is.

Selecting the Right Funnel

Your first step in creating an effective funnel is to determine which type of funnel you'll need based on your purpose. You can choose from creating a funnel designed to generate new leads, a funnel designed to increase your sales, or a runnel designed to help you run an event.

If your goal is to generate new leads for your business, there are two different formats of funnels to choose from. One is a 'squeeze' funnel that can help you add email addresses to your list.

Clickfunnels Review

The other lead funnel time is an application funnel. An application funnel can help you capture more information than just a person's email address. You may want phone numbers, addresses, or other information related to the lead's interests, education, location, etc.

If you are trying to create a funnel to increase your sales, ClickFunnels offers three different types of funnels to choose from. Tripwire Funnels, where you typically are selling less expensive products but trying to add an upsell are one type of sales funnel.

Another type of sales funnel is a video sales funnel. This funnel format is perfect for selling some of your more complex or involved products. You'll be able to upload a video with this funnel type to help you highlight the product features for your customers.

The final type of sales funnel you can create is a launch funnel. A launch funnel can be used when you will be releasing a more expensive product. You can use the launch funnel to generate interest in your new product before it is even released.

Finally, you may also choose to create a funnel to increase attendance for an event on your website. You can create funnels to help you market a live webinar or to help you encourage users to purchase an on-demand video.

Once you know which funnel type you want to create, you'll be able to get started easily. All you'll need to do is select your goal for creating your funnel and identify which funnel type you need.

Modifying Your Funnels

After you've selected which funnel type you need, you will immediately be presented with the framework and necessary pages for the funnel type you chose. From here, you'll be able to make modifications and personalizations to a funnel to ensure it will meet your specific needs.

Clickfunnels Review

You'll be able to add steps in the funnel process, modify the order of events, delete unnecessary pages, or add membership new pages. One type of page you may choose to add to your funnel is a one-click upsell page. One-click upsells will make it easy for a customer to add another item to their cart without starting the checkout process over again.

You can also create membership areas that your customers will be provided access to after they log in. These areas could be where you make training material or other items available to your members who have signed up for a subscription.

ClickFunnels can also help you create order forms designed to simplify the checkout process. You can choose from creating a traditional order form of ClickFunnel's two-step order form.

You can also set up your affiliate program using ClickFunnels. You'll be able to modify commission rates or manage payments to your affiliates.

Customizing Your Webpages

After getting your funnels set up, it will be time to modify the way each webpage looks to meet your needs and match your brand. Their template makes it easy for you to see what you'll need to modify, such as replacing their logo with yours and changing the text. You'll also be able to add product-specific videos to help garner the interest of the visitors to your page.

Clickfunnels Review

ClickFunnels offers numerous features that will allow you to control the look and feel of your entire page. You'll be able to modify the colors on the page, adjust spacing, and modify the text. You'll be able to design the perfect website to match your vision.

Using Your Funnels to Follow-Up with Leads

After a visitor to your page has entered their email address, you'll also be able to use your funnels to follow-up with them. There is an 'Automation' tab inside of your funnel. You can use this feature to create short emails that will be sent automatically after someone either joins your mailing list or makes a purchase.

Clickfunnels Review

In addition to using the 'Automation' tab, you can also use Actionetics to create more specific follow-up funnels. These funnels will allow you to create targeted messages for specific groups or individuals on your list. These targeted messages can help you increase your conversions rates.

As you are creating your follow-up funnels with Actionetics, you'll be able to create smart lists that can help you follow-up with specific customer groups. For example, you may choose people that purchased a particular product, left an unpurchased product in their cart, or who have spent over $500 on your products.

Adding Products and Shipping Information

You won't need to worry about using a separate third-party application to sell your products since ClickFunnels has a shopping cart feature. You'll be able to easily add your products, their price, and a description about each product right into your funnel.

Clickfunnels Review

With ClickFunnels, you'll be able to add both physical products and digital products into your funnels. You can set the funnel up to direct customers who purchase a digital product to an instant download page or a membership page where they'll be able to access their product.

When you are selling physical products, you can integrate ClickFunnels with ShipStation to help you take care of managing orders and ensuring that everything gets shipped on time.

Conducting Testing to Analyze Your Funnels

Clickfunnels Review

ClickFunnels will also allow you to conduct split testing to ensure that your funnels are optimized before you set them to go live on your site. When you conduct split testing, you'll be able to create two different versions of a page and see which performs better. ClickFunnels will allow you to test just about any component of the page that you want including a headline, buttons, images, text, videos, and more.

Set Your Funnel to Go Live

Clickfunnels Review

After you've conducted a few rounds of split testing and you have finalized your funnels, they'll be all ready to go. You'll just need to click a few buttons, then your funnels will be live and ready to start gathering customers and increasing your sales.

Keep Track of How Your Funnels are Performing

Clickfunnels Review

Once your funnels are up and running, ClickFunnels also enables you to monitor how they are performing. You'll be able to view statistics related to how many users visit your page, opt-in for your email newsletter, place and order, and more. You can also compare the performance of your different funnels to help you decide if you want to make any modifications.

Pros & Cons


  • With ClickFunnels, you'll be able to easily make sales and lead funnels that will increase your conversion rates.
  • You can conduct split testing on various aspects of your funnels to determine what is most effective.
  • You can use ClickFunnels to send automated emails to customers after they join your mailing list or make a purchase.


  • All of the features are not included in the most basic plan. You'll have to pay for an upgraded plan to take advantage of everything ClickFunnels can do for your business.

Final Verdict

ClickFunnels has simplified the process of driving customers to your site and guiding them through the process of placing an order. When you use ClickFunnels, you'll be surprised with how quickly you'll notice an increase in the leads and sales you're able to generate through your website.


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