Best SEO Course

Best SEO Course

Top SEO Training Courses

Opting for an SEO course is one of the best routes that one can take if they are looking to get into the field and want to be equipped with the skills needed to perform well at the job. While there are thousands of options for courses in SEO management, going in for one of the good ones is important and something that you should look to do.

In this article, we are going to go over some of the most notable SEO courses available online that can help you improve your understanding of SEO, and give you the knowledge you need to perform well in this profession.

1. SEMRush Academy

SEMRush Academy

When opting for a course, you always want to go in for something that makes the most efficient use of your time, and which is able to give you applicable skills that you can use at the workplace. SEMRush Academy is one organization that offers a highly impactful and precise course that gives you a basic understanding of the field of SEO and the tasks that you may be required to perform.

The course is designed for those who are complete beginners in the field of SEO and want to get acquainted with it. It is designed in a manner that is fairly easy to understand and follow and can be a good starting point for those who want to make a career out of SEO.

One of the bigger reasons why the course has gained such an impressive amount of recognition is because of the person who teaches this course. The course comprises of three video lessons which are taught by Ashely Ward. Ashley has spent several years working in the field of digital marketing and is incredibly well versed in the industry and all that it entails. Her understanding of the industry shows in the lessons that she teaches, which are extremely easy to follow.

The course comprises of three lessons in a video form, each of them spanning over one hour. At the end of the course, the student is asked to take an examination to test their understanding of SEO and all that they have learned from the course. Students who pass this examination are then given a certificate. It is also important to note that the course is completely free of cost, making it a must-try for those who are looking to improve their knowledge of SEO.


  • No Monetary Investment Required.
  • Taught By An Industry Professional.
  • Short And Quick Course.
  • Designed For Beginners.


  • Only Three Lessons Per Course.
  • Doesn’t Give An In-depth Understanding Of SEO.

2. Yoast SEO Training

Yoast SEO Training

The Yoast Academy is a well-known site for those who want to learn more about digital marketing and is known for having some of the most well-structured lessons with the courses that they offer. The Yoast SEO Training, in particular, is something that has gained an impressive amount of recognition and is something that anyone looking to find a good course should consider.

The courses are designed to give the students an understanding of the industry and try to help them develop the practical skills that they need to stand out. The course is designed by individuals who have an incredible understanding of SEO and who have worked in the field through the course of their careers. There are numerous industry experts who have also contributed to the lessons being taught here, making it an all-round good choice who want to be more familiar with the industry.

The Yoast Academy has a number of courses pertaining to SEO that can help those who are looking to improve their skills. The site recommends that one opt for all of the courses offered to be able to fully equip yourself with the knowledge of SEO, but you can always go in for the individual courses offered by the site, depending on what you need and your level of understanding of SEO.


  • Big Variety Of Courses.
  • Taught By Industry Professionals.
  • Focuses On Practical Training.


  • No Examinations To Test One’s Skills.
  • Not Ideal For Complete Beginners.

3. SEO Training Course By Moz

SEO Training Course By Moz

Sometimes, a quick and easy to understand guide of SEO is all you need if you are looking to improve your understanding of SEO, and the SEO Training Course By Moz is just what you may be looking for. The program has had impressive reviews for all that it offers and is considered to be great for those who are already familiar with the basics of SEO and want to take their understanding of the industry even further.

The Academy was founded by two individuals who were notable names within the digital marketing industry and has been operating since 2004. This means that you can be assured that you are getting a course that is proficient enough to withstand the test of time. The courses offered here are constantly updated to keep up with the changing trends and new improvements to the industry. All of the courses offered here span over five hours and are short and precise to give you the fastest way to learn. The SEO Essentials Certificate, in particular, is one course that is designed to give the student a breakdown of all of the essentials that they need to be familiar with when working in this industry.


  • Curated By Industry Professionals.
  • Quick and Concise.
  • Multiple Forms Of Content


  • Not Ideal For Complete Beginners

4. Hubspot Free SEO Crash Course

Hubspot Free SEO Crash Course

The Hubspot Free SEO Crash Course is another free option that is great for those who have been working in the field of SEO for a long time and who want to stay up to date with the changing trends within the industry. The SEO training course is mainly designed to teach students the different ways in which they can help generate more traffic for the growth of businesses. This is also a course that can be beneficial for those who are trying to improve the traffic of their own brands and already have been implementing SEO in some way.

Hubspot Free SEO Crash Course is vast and covers many different topics concerning the field of SEO. The course is designed to give the student an incredible amount of theoretical knowledge coupled with an understanding of the new ways in which they can implement good SEO.


  • Completely Free.
  • Comprehensive Course.
  • Good For Those Working In The Industry.


  • Not For Beginners.
  • Carries On Over A Long Span Of Time

5. Udemy SEO Course

Udemy SEO Course

Udemy has quickly become one of the biggest sites for those who are looking to find courses and improve their skills and understanding of a particular field. The SEO Course offered here is considered to be a must take for anyone working within the industry and for those who want to grow more familiar with the concepts of SEO and its implementation. The course is completely free of cost and contains a one hour video and seven articles to help you learn about SEO.

The course aims to first teach its students how to improve their site and then tries to help them formulate a good strategy to improve the SEO of a site. The course is designed to teach individuals who are just starting out within the field and want to understand how to get a higher conversion rate, and who want to turn a website to become more SEO friendly. For those who want a follow up course, the site has plenty of other paid SEO courses that can benefit those who are looking to take their understanding of the industry even further.


  • Completely Free.
  • Full Lifetime Access.
  • Usable On Multiple Mediums.


  • Limited Resources.
  • Incredibly Short.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before you go in for an SEO course, it is important to be familiar with the different intricacies of the syllabus and have your questions answered, so that you can be more clear about the course and all that it offers. Here are some of the common questions people have before going in for an SEO course.

Can You Learn SEO By Yourself?

Before going in for any kind of course, one of the biggest questions people tend to have is whether or not they can actually learn the trade by themselves. For many professions, the task of learning something can be done by oneself, which often means that they don’t need to go in for a course to learn something. When it comes to SEO in particular, seeking the help of professionals can help you better, and equip you with all that you need to start working in the field.

Is SEO A Good Career?

As we mentioned earlier, brands and companies all over the world are constantly looking for ways in which they can set themselves apart from their competition, and one route that can help them with that is SEO. Because of this, brands are in constant need of experts who are familiar with SEO and are able to help them set up their online presence, making SEO an incredibly lucrative career.

Is SEO Easy To Learn?

SEO is easy to learn if you have the right material to refer to and the right teachers to help you understand the concepts behind it. If you plan to learn SEO on your own, it might be hard for you to properly understand every concept, but if you choose to go in for a course, learning SEO can be significantly easier.

Importance Of SEO

In today’s world, the internet and the impact that it has on businesses is important to consider, and something that can significantly affect the overall output that brands are able to generate. The accessibility of the internet is also something that has made markets significantly more competitive, with brands now having to compete with names from across the globe.

Brands have to consistantly try and find ways in which they can improve the work that they do, and have to time and again try to come out with content that engages their potential customer base. No matter what kind of market a brand is operating in, they are always going to have a certain amount of competition as a result of the borderless world that we are now living in.

Final Verdict

Search engines play a big role in the visibility that brands have. When a person wants to find a company or a particular kind of product, the first thing that they end up doing is searching for it either on Google or a search engine of their choice. A person is also most likely to click on the first link that they see, and usually, end up going in for the products on that particular website.

The reason for this has to do with the general perception that people have. Customers who are looking for a product often link the product quality with the position of it on the search engine. A large number of people belonging to various customer bases believe that the site that comes up first has the best products, even though it might not always be the case.

The defining factor of the search position is how well a site uses SEO, which is Search Engine Optimization. SEO has become one of the most important and beneficial tools for those who are looking to expand and stand as prominent names within their markets. This has therefore led to the generation of an entire sector that requires experts who are proficient with SEO.

All of the courses that we have recommended can serve you well to give you the knowledge that you need to stand out within this field. Each course that we have mentioned has its own pros and cons, making each one of them good in different situations.

The best advice that we can give you to choose the course is to asses your requirements and all that the course offers, and see whether or not the course is fulfilling all of the things that you need.

General SEO FAQ (Continued From Above)

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a set of processes trained towards improving a website position on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP). Search Engine Optimization can be broken further into smaller units such as Basic SEO, backlink building, keyword research, local SEO, On-page SEO, and technical SEO, and so on. Here are the answers to your favorite SEO FAQs:

How does SEO work?

SEO is a methodical process that can help rank a webpage higher on search engine results. An improved web presence often means more traffic, quality leads and growth in customers. Common SEO processes include: site audit, link building, on-site optimization and search engine measurement.

Is SEO ethical?

SEO is ethical, but applying black hat SEO practices is abhorred. Although businesses that use black hat strategies to place keywords on their webpages may attain search visibility, the reader’s visibility will suffer. The other consequences include stiff penalties and sites being banned.

What are black hat SEO tactics?

Businesses that use these ill-conceived tactics often do so to boost their website’s presence on the search engine without sacrificing the much-needed time and effort to genuinely optimize a website. The tactics come in different forms and shades and include the following:
•Embedding invisible keywords
•Keyword stuffing
•Link buying
•Duplicate content
•Using gateway pages

How do you track SEO efforts?

A vast majority of site administrators use freely available tools like Google Analytics to monitor website traffic and gather useful statistics such as unique page views, average time on the page and reader’s location. The other powerful SEO tracking and reporting tools include:
•Yoast SEO
•Screaming Frog

How do mobile-friendly strategies improve SEO?

Due to the high number of mobile users, new changes to Google algorithms have incorporated mobile-friendliness as one of the factors that determine webpage ranking. However, the changes made are limited to mobile gadgets and do not apply to laptop and desktop users.

What timelines can you expect before seeing the results of your SEO efforts?

The results are determined by the amount of effort being made. For instance, page rank is determined by many factors, including website age, backlink quality, backlink count and keyword ranking. The results of your SEO effort will show when you ask Google to reindex or recrawl your webpage.

How can I boost my website authority?

Getting other websites to link to your website will improve the authority of your website. Remember, having many backlinks will inform Google and other search engines that your site can be trusted. To get the most out of the strategy, emphasis should be placed on attracting good link quality instead of quantity.

Can I buy tons of backlinks to boost SEO efforts?

It is possible to buy backlinks to boost your sites online presence, however, Google is strongly against this practice. One of the problems you may face is destroying your search engine ranking. Google will also demand that you remove the false links and send a re-evaluation request.

How can I improve the relevancy of my website?

Start by performing a website audit to identifying the common words and phrases used by customers. Next, create a copy that reflects these keywords and phrases. The best placeholders for the words and phrases are the header tags, in-links and title tags. The following tools can help:
•Google Keyword Planner

Must I hire an expert to do my SEO?

If you are well-versed with SEO intricacies you can Do-It-Yourself. However, hiring an expert places you at a vantage point to access modern SEO rules such as RankBrain signaling, Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) keywords, video content, voice search, and Click-through rate (CTR).

What are the most critical parts of SEO?

The ROI that accrues from SEO will vary based on your industry and other factors.
To achieve the best results, your SEO efforts should focus on key areas like website authority and relevancy of SEO. It also helps to study the competition to draw comparisons with other domain authorities.

What are the top Google rank sertting factors?

Google algorithms uses over 200 ranking factors. These can be broadly divided into: domain factors, backlink factors, Site-level factors, Page-level factors and user integration. Search results are normally apportioned based on search history, device used and user location, among other factors.

What factors inform SEO best practices?

Following the best Google practices can help rank your website higher. Although content is king, website owners should always strive to have quality content with the right set of keywords. The other important factors include backlinks with relevancy, On-page optimization and site architecture.

How would you describe On-page SEO?

On-page SEO are sets of actions geared towards improving website performance. The acts include optimizing content with target keywords, ensuring quicker load speeds, avoiding duplicate content and making the site accessible to search engine crawlers and indexes.

On-page SEO can also be affected by the following factors:
•Title tag
•URL structure

How would you describe Off-page SEO?

Having more links is a pointer that people are interested in your website content. Off-page SEO is a link management strategy used to promote content using different channels. Website owners can achieve better SEO results by encouraging influencers and customers to share their content and contacts.

Why are keywords vital to the success of SEO?

Keywords and phrases play a crucial role in improving site ranking and driving website traffic because visitors often type keywords and descriptive phrases when performing online searches. Several tools have been developed to identify the target keywords and gauge their effectiveness.

Why is website speed a crucial element in the SEO matrix?

Due to shorter attention span, website load speed has become a defining factor for most web users. Statistics show up to 50% of website visitors expect a site to load in less than 2 seconds. About 40% of the visitors will move away from a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load.

Why should you perform a technical audit?

A technical website audit can be ordered to identify the underlying website and search problems. The audit also provides solutions aimed at enhancing the website’s performance. Several free, Freemium and paid SEO audit tools have been developed to help users make the most out of the audit.

How do social media affect SEO?

A lot has been said about the impact of social media on SEO. The truth is that social media does have an indirect impact on SEO. For example, businesses can use the social platform effectively to promote content, boost brand reputation, and engage a wider audience across different channels.

Why is link building important?

Link building is crucial to the success of any SEO strategy. The strategy involves seeking opportunities to link back to your website via sources like local business directory, guest articles or blog posts, press coverage, professional associations, discussion forums and Q&A sites.

What differentiates paid from organic results?

Advertisers often pay for inorganic or paid search results to have their links on the top pages of search engines. Unlike paid results, organic results are solely driven by the algorithms. Site owners do not need to pay anything to have their pages ranked higher on the search engines.

What are the differences between internal links, external and inbound links?

The websites that link to your website brings in inbound links while internal links connects one page to other pages on the same domain. External or outbound links are links that connect pages in different domains. Inbound, external and internal links are all vital to the success of SEO.

What are the parallels between crawling and indexing?

The search engines will scour or crawl through the content of your website to find vital leads. The engine will then index the contents that are captured and improve your website visibility and authority. Remember, not all the content is captured during the indexing process.

How long does it take to see SEO results

The results of your SEO efforts can come in faster or slower depending on the following key factors:
•Quantity of content
•Freshness score
•Quality of content
•Competition for keywords
•Relevance of the content in respect of resonance
•Domain authority

It is important to know that almost all the factors listed above are controlled by the time factor. Sites with huge traffic can record quick results if search engine crawlers visit the site more regularly.

What should an ideal SEO roadmap look like?

A good SEO strategy will generate organic and qualified leads. The strategy involves research and discovery, strategy implementation and SEO measurement. Under SEO Research and discovery, the most important steps include keyword research and mapping, and competitor analysis.

Is SEO dead?

SEO cannot be wished away despite the many changes made to improve online marketing. Although SEO may not guarantee quick results compared paid search, the investment is cost-efficient, guarantees steady leads and conversions and makes it easy for prospects to trust your brand.

What informs the decision to change search engine rankings every often?

The changes in the search engine results page are closely linked to the changes in the web. Some of the factors that affect rankings include the age of website and content, and search engine instituted changes in keyword phrasing. Some of the changes can hurt business, so it is important to stay up-to-date.

What is the cost of SEO and web presence services?

The cost of implementing SEO strategies will depend on the client’s needs. When pricing the services, most SEO agencies will analyze the size of your website, market competition, current search engine ranking, existing web presence, and the number of keywords being targeted.

What are the benefits of SEO to business?

The growth the web has created a huge demand and market for SEO. A sound SEO process can go a long way to complement business marketing and sales strategy. The other SEO benefits include:
•Optimizing web presence
•Brand building
•Increasing in web traffic
•Boosting online credibility
•Growing business

What is White Hat SEO?

White Hat SEO is the use of acceptable, search engine guidelines to optimize your website. A good example is the webmaster guidelines forwarded by Google. The main benefit of using these strategies is to provide relevant search results. Here are other examples of White Hat strategies:
•Improving website design and navigation
•Link building
•Keyword research
•Creative visual content

Why are meta descriptions important?

These are the texts that appear on SERPs title tags. The text used must feature the recommended keyword and briefly represent the content. The Meta descriptions and title tags must also have a specific number of characters. The characters are different for desktop or mobile devices.

What backlink building techniques can you use to boost SEO?

A prudent SEO strategy entails using different backlink building techniques. A case in point is using the backlink poaching strategy to find sites linking similar contents like yours and competitor’s sites. The other popular backlink building strategies include:
•Placing internal links
•Replacement of broken backlink
•Using affiliate programs
•Backlink coaching
•Guest poaching
•Contact influencers

Why do you need long-tail and short–tail keywords?

Long-tail and short-tail keywords are directly related to search volume keywords. Short-tail keywords normally produce higher search volume. For instance, a term like “leather jacket” is effective in growing exposure while a long-tail keyword like “blue leather jacket” is better at achieving a higher conversion rate.

What are the best SEO tools in the market today?

Sites looking to improve online presence have many tools to choose from. The most popular SEO tools include Google Analytics, Screaming Frog, Google Search Console, Grammarly and Yoast SEO. The spelling and grammar tool, Grammarly is highly effective in website and blog optimization.


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