Best Facebook Ad Courses

I have worked very hard to compile this list of the top 8 Facebook advertising training courses available. I will make sure that i update this list on a monthly basis as information is always changing. I will also report any changes in the top 8 list as I am constantly keeping an eye on the members areas and what people are saying about each course behind the scenes.

Facebook has become one of the most powerful tools for entrepreneurs to scale a business. The advantage of reaching people all around the world brings growth opportunities that weren’t possible before.

Many people have doubled the value of their companies because of the Facebook business manager.

The secret behind Facebook success is the ability to send the right message to the right people, which makes it a perfect tool to increase brand awareness and create a social media community.

At the highest levels, the Facebook Ads extension can become a money printer for those marketers who master the skills of traffic targeting. Even though they happen frequently, these types of results are quite difficult to create… unless you have the right training.

Why Facebook Ads Is The Key To Explode Your Business Growth

Learn about any successful company on earth with an online presence: most of them use Facebook Ads. You can reach thousands, if not millions of people, while still using a tiny budget. Combine it with an optimized ad campaign strategy, and this program will generate income for years.

Inversely, it can be frustrating to waste a fortune in money and time when not having the right preparation.

Now...lets go to those top 8 FB advertising courses...

The 8 Best Facebook Advertising Training Courses, Tutorials, Classes & Lesson Plans

Featured Course

1. Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass Review

Kevin David Has Had MASSIVE Success With Facebook Ads

Kevin David, the guy that seems to follow you around the! He pops up on your Facebook feed, your Instagram feed, your Youtube videos and even the websites you are visiting.

When I didn't know much about ads I remember thinking a mix between "stop following me creep" to "why do I see this guy EVERYWHERE I go".

I soon learned the reason that I was seeing this dude everywhere was because he is VERY good at what he does. And he teaches all of this stuff in his course.

I like most things about Kevin's course (it's by far my favorite), but there are also a couple things that I don't like, which we will get to - because it may not be for everyone, so stay tuned.

As many people have done, it is much smarter and convenient to learn from people who have already succeeded. And there is probably not anyone teaching Facebook ads that are more successful or have more knowledge on them than Kevin.

In the Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass, Kevin David shows how you can make the most out of Facebook Ads without spending thousands of dollars on common mistakes.

You learn from his mistakes that he has made over the years doing millions of dollars in Facebook ads.

As a basic training, the Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass includes more than 110 in-depth video lessons to cover all the ins and outs of paid advertising.

He covers everything STEP BY STEP from complete beginner to the ninja tricks he uses...

First Step: Recommended Before Making A Buying Decision

Kevin has better information in his FREE training webinar than just about any other paid course has.

It is very worth it to watch this free webinar for a few different reasons:

  • 1) It has great information that can be implemented right away.
  • 2) The free training alone may be enough information for what you're looking for, so you may not have to spend any money.
  • 3) It will give you a feel for Kevin David's teaching methods to see if it is the right style for you BEFORE you make the purchase.

Meet The Biggest Facebook Ads Community Ever

One of the things that makes the course so valuable is all the updates that the team constantly adds to the program. Aside from the essential informational content, you will find new modules released every few months.

If you have bought a marketing course in the past, you may know how frustrating it is to deal with outdated content, making the step-by-step program unusable. The Ninja Masterclass updates the content as soon as Facebook Ads includes new features, keeping the content approachable for beginners.

Here are some hidden benefits to consider the Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass course:

  • Large online community: A common objection among aspiring entrepreneurs is to question the program's effectiveness based on personal situations. In this case, the Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass currently has thousands of students around the world producing results.

    Imagine having all those people ready to answer your questions and help with the process. It is almost guaranteed that you will become proficient with Facebook Ads.

    Apart from the course content, everybody in the Facebook online community shares their results and pieces of advice. Suddenly, you are not learning from just one expert, but from thousands of people who know what they are doing. If you are looking for a personalized experience, consider this Facebook Ads community.
  • From zero to hero: Because of how the lessons are organized, you can learn how to scale your business regardless of your initial knowledge about advertising. Concepts are simple enough to be implemented by anyone, and the content has helped entrepreneurs from all career conditions and business models.
  • Lots of success stories: You will notice a WHOLE LOT of success stories from people who have actually taken the time to implement the training in this course.
  • From beginner to advanced: The training starts at the very beginner level for anyone who has never even touched Facebook ads. It slowly progresses through covering every step of the way, over Kevin's shoulder as he shows you each step in depth. This path is followed through the whole course, all the way up to the end where even Facebook advertising experts can learn a thing or two that saves them a whole lot of time and money with their ads.

What I Think Most People Will Like: Who This Course Is For

  • The step by step over the shoulder teaching style shows you every click Kevin is makes it very easy to follow.
  • He starts at the very beginning for complete beginners and doesn't skip any steps (he's very thorough).
  • He progresses through the course at a slow pace, which is great for beginners to make sure they are understanding everything.
  • There is over 100 videos of training.
  • I know for a fact that he has made MILLIONS doing this himself - so he's teaching based off experience and not concepts.
  • The content is updated constantly, so it's not outdated which is very important for something that has changes happening often.
  • The private Facebook community is incredibly helpful, friendly and full of like-minded people.
  • It personally took me from complete beginner to being very good at Facebook ads.
  • There is some crazy ninja tricks that I have not seen taught elsewhere, so it fits all levels.

Obviously there are MANY positive things about this course.

In my opinion there is no better course out there (not even close) for taking someone from complete beginner to expert with Facebook ads.

But it still may not be for everyone...

What Some People May NOT Like: Who This Course May NOT Be For

  • The slower in depth training may be frustrating for more experienced people.
  • High price point for those that decide to buy.
  • Probably not for people just looking to do this as a hobby, it takes time to go through the training.
  • Kevin uses some aggressive marketing tactics to sell the course like flashy assets and false scarcity.

If you are just looking to do this as a hobby you definitely don't want to buy. Just grab the information from the free webinar listed below.

One of the biggest turn offs for people has been the aggressive marketing tactics like using mansions, expensive cars and false scarcity to sell.

I personally was OK with it because I understand this is business. You use what works to sell, and that's what Kevin does. And he even talks about it in his course to help you understand how you can sell better.

But there are definitely people that see this as corny and a turn-off, regardless of whether it works or not.


Just WATCH THE FREE WEBINAR. There is a TON of great information in the free webinar alone.

You will learn more from the free webinar than you do from most other paid courses.

You will also see if Kevin's teaching style fits you or not...see below to start watching the free webinar now.

2. From Udemy:
The Complete Facebook Ads Course – All The Way From Beginner To Advanced

Daragh Walsh and Rob Percival are the two authors responsible for creating this course.

They are very well known in the digital marketing space and have been in the business for a long time. This course is a little shorter than the first course mentioned, so you do move at a little quicker pace. 

But they still do a good job of including all of the basic information in the training material. 

Udemy The Complete Facebook Ads Course

They cover things like re-targeting, marketing strategies, and most of the basics of Facebook advertising. One thing that I really enjoy about this program is the fact that you will find out about some of the most common mistakes that people make when trying to implement Facebook advertising, I got a ton out of that section!

Course Duration

6 hours


4.6 out of 5

3. LinkedIn Learning:
Free Facebook Course for Beginners

Megan Adams is the author of this well thought out course. She does an absolutely fantastic job of helping people understand how to go beyond the basics of promotion.

You will learn some really cool tricks on how to dig down deep into your competition to know what they are doing.

But Megan also teaches the complete basics about setting up campaigns, teaching how different tools work and how you can get started with all of your marketing. 

Of course she also covers some of the other more advanced topics like how to target people and reach your desired crowd. 

LinkedIn Learning Free Facebook Course for Beginners

This is an even shorter course than the first two, but it does a good job of hitting the nail on the head with Facebook ads.

Course Duration

2 hours


4.5 out of 5

4. LinkedIn Learning:
Advanced Facebook Marketing Training

Again, Megan Adams is the author of this course as well. This is of course her more advanced training material that you can use to expand your knowledge on advertising through Facebook.

Megan has helped a ton of different businesses and brands grow through social media and online advertising with Facebook being one of her specialties. 

You can tell throughout the training that she is very experienced but also is a pretty good teacher as well. 

LinkedIn Learning Free Facebook Course for Beginners

This part of the course goes beyond the basics of just creating ads and explains different tools and techniques that you can use together to make campaign creation much easier and more successful. You can practically get this for free with a free 1 month trial program.

Course Duration

2 hours


4.5 out of 5

5. Creative Link:
Facebook Advertising Training

Billy Gene is the creator of this course and he is definitely one of the brighter characters among the online marketing world. I once attended a live event that he spoke at and he had the crowd captivated with both his content and his personality. This particular training from him is an 18 lesson training course on Creativelive. He really covers the information well by sharing his secrets about crafting ads (he is a master), ad copy, how to capture leads and the whole sales planning process. He is also very good at upselling and really pushes that as well. He is big on retargeting, so you can expect plenty of information in that aspect. There is even bonus material included with the Marketing Workbook, which really helps give people a better understanding of different types of ad formats.

Course Duration

18 videos


4.5 out of 5

Currently No Openings

6. Skillshare:
Free Facebook Training Program

Skillshare is a really diverse platform for anyone who wnats to get many different classes on any subject.

Some people would describe this the Netflix of online learning, where you pay a monthly fee to access all of the courses that are being offered throughout the month. They have tons of different programs on Facebook marketing programs and Instagram ads. 

This includes everything from creating the Facebook ads to creating highly engaged groups on Facebook. 

Skillshare Free Facebook Training Program

There have already been thousands of students to enroll in these classes from all different parts of the world. And best of yet the first month is free, so it's risk free to try it out!

Course Duration



4.5 out of 5

7. From Udemy:
Facebook Ads for E-Commerce

This is a really rare course specifically designed around creating Facebook ads for e-commerce.

Adam Reed is the creator of this course and he does an excellent job in explaining ecommerce, shopify, dropshipping and implementing it all with FB ads. 

Running Facebook advertising for ecommerce can definitely be a completely different beast, so it's important that you understand the differences between every day ads and ads that are meant specifically for ecommerce. 

From Udemy Facebook Ads for E-Commerce

You will learn how to do website conversion ads, how to improve your copy, how to build lookalike and custom audiences and much more. He even takes you through his methodologies that will highly increase your profit margins by putting a big emphasis on split testing.

Course Duration

10 hours


4.4 out of 5

8. Incl Instagram Marketing:
Complete Facebook Training

This is an awesome tutorial on dominating both Instagram and Facebook by Diego Davila. You will learn how you can REALLY scale up your business from scratch. One of the big things that Diego focuses on is targeting people who matter with your ads. He also put a big emphasis on using the Facebook pixel correctly and how to begin retargeting. Of course all of the best courses should be covering retargeting because of how powerful it is! But he doesn't just stop with Facebook ads, he also teached Instagram ads very in depth since they essentially go hand in hand with FB advertising.

Course Duration

11 hours


4.3 out of 5

Currently No Openings

FB advertising is something that has changed the digital marketing world as we know it. Traffic use to be mainly aobut search engine optimization and search engine traffic. Facebook and Instagram have basically came in and totally changed everything. Most people are gravitating towards things like Facebook advertising because of the insane ability to target people so specifically. Many of the old school pay per click advertisers are moving away from platforms like Google Adwords and into places like Facebook and Instagram ads!

Once you learn how to do Facebook advertising the correct way, there is no end to the power that you hold. Because of the super in depth data that Facebook has on people (it's almost scary) – we are able to target people like we never have before!