Amazing Selling Machine Review

Amazing Selling Machine Review

Before I started running my own online businesses, my life was pretty ordinary. I worked a regular job in an office, and each day was monotonous. I was bored at work, and my family could see that I was suffering.

My family has seen me change my tune. Since I left my desk job, I’ve been working with selling through Amazon FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon). I've opened my own online store, and I've even tried selling other Amazon FBA businesses.

This review of Amazing Selling Machine includes my personal experiences of using this product. There's plenty of information on the internet about running an online business, but Amazing Selling Machine puts everything you need to know in one place.

If you're trying to decide if Amazing Selling Machine is worth it, you've come to the right place.

Are You Ready to Transform Your Business?

Many of you have just started out in running your online businesses, so you need to know how you should be spending your time. There is a lot of information on the internet, and it will point you in every direction. Too much information will make your head spin.

Amazing Selling Machine Review

If you're familiar with Amazon, then you know that their business model is killing it. People even sign up for a membership with Amazon to receive quicker shipments of goods. Prime members have created the niche for Amazon FBA.

Amazon FBA has single-handedly refined the online shopping experience by giving businesses a way to present their products to customers on demand. Building an Amazon FBA business is a lucrative experience that will help you generate substantial income.

However, understanding all the intricate procedures that you'll need to complete to run an Amazon FBA will give you a headache. You need to know how to market and promote a business. You need people interested in buying your product instead of similar products.

Your E-Business Solution

Amazing Selling Machine Review

When you're ready to transform your business into a money making machine, take a look at what other business professionals have been putting together to help you sell on Amazon. Since there are many programs on the market, you must be sure the one you choose is worth your time.

This review is about a product that has undergone multiple revisions, so you know that the creators put a lot of effort into putting forth their best work. Amazing Selling Machine (ASM) has been revised and updated to be released for an eleventh edition.

For ASM 11, the creators have spent time working on new programs to help educate Amazon FBA entrepreneurs on the changes that have been taking place on Amazon. Since Amazon is always changing its shape, the creators felt that an update was necessary.

Take a look at what this product does, and see what successes other people have found.

Product Overview

This product is perfect for any level of business professional who wants to make more money from their sales on Amazon. The level of detail involved in ASM makes it possible to pick up this program and use its tools to start a business from scratch.

Although it's a great program for new business professionals, there are some incredible offerings that come with ASM 11 that make it a worthwhile purchase for any level of entrepreneur. If you're a seasoned professional, you'll still be impressed.

Even though there are many parts to take in, the most important aspect of this product exists in its educational training program. The program is an online course that runs for eight weeks. There are optional purchases that include mentorship as well.

In addition to giving more information about the training course, we'll go through some of the tools that come with this product in the next few sections. The tools and resources make ASM 11 a product that is worthy of everyone's attention.

What’s Included

First, you'll receive access to an online course that is designed to empower you with all the knowledge and skills that you need to run a successful business through Amazon FBA. In addition, you'll receive some help from team members who work for ASM.

One of the reasons that this program is worth the hefty price tag is because it provides you with knowledge, and ASM gives you help along the way. Some of the concepts involved in selling through Amazon FBA require finesse.

When you get confused along the path to creating a successful Amazon FBA, someone from ASM will be there to help guide you. During the eight weeks of online courses, you will be speaking with a coach from the program (at the end of each week).

After the eight weeks are over, you'll have a monthly talk with a coach from ASM. The coaches are helpful, and they'll guide you through using the tools as well.

In addition to the course and the coaching, you'll have the option to get a mentor to help with any additional questions you might have along your journey. They'll help you create your brand and work with your product inventory.

You'll have access to tools that help businesses keep track of their inventories, and you'll be able to maintain your brand assets like never before. With autoresponder emails, you'll look like the professional company that your customers will expect to see.

Capabilities Worth Mentioning

When you're ready to get your product to Amazon for their FBA program, you'll be waiting a few weeks before your product is available to customers. In that time, you should have everything ready to go to sell your products through Amazon's system.

One of the capabilities worth mentioning from this program is its innate ability to prepare you for launching your product. While you wait for shipments to be received by Amazon, use ASM to list your products by researching keywords and writing flawless copy.

Another capability worth mentioning is called Launch, Blitz and Rank. In the sixth week, ASM teaches you how to use a formula to get your product ranking high on Amazon's system. You'll do this without violating any of Amazon's terms of service.

Results You Should Expect to See

If you're ready to change the way that you do business by using ASM, you'll see some big changes to the shape of your company. In order to be a successful Amazon FBA business, you'll need to use ASM to gain control over your inventory.

Once you are shipping your products to Amazon's centers, you'll be able to use ASM to get more people interested in purchasing your products. The tools and training that you'll be given will help your brand make a lasting impression on customers.

Student Success Story

There have been many success stories of people using ASM to change their lives. By building a business that relies upon Amazon's steadfast fulfillment centers, you will be maximizing the availability of your product.

One story that I found touching involves a hotel manager. I had to choose between being with my family and working a frustrating job, so I found her story rather compelling. We all need money to take care of our families, but working long hours is draining.

The hotel manager used ASM to create her own business, and she has more money from her business than she ever thought was possible. Moreover, she is able to spend more time with her children.

Pros & Cons


  • Building a Better Brand: This product helps you build a better brand by introducing brand assets that you might not already have. Assets will help your brand grow and look more professional.
  • Getting Advice From Professionals: There are plenty of people online that will give you business advice, but the group behind ASM have proven that their ideas work. Take advice from the right people by working with ASM.
  • Gaining Control Over Inventory: Trying to figure out your inventory on your own is a difficult process. When you start working with Amazon, it will get even more challenging. ASM takes away this pressure by helping you gain control over your own inventory.


  • Price: The biggest problem with ASM is the price of purchasing this product. Although it's an expensive training course, it comes with enough valuable tools to make this product a worthwhile purchase for most online business owners.

Bottom Line

ASM is designed to help you take your business to Amazon for their FBA program. You'll work with skilled professionals to understand how to get your product into fulfillment centers, and they’ll give you the tools to make your product more popular among consumers. I recommend this product for new business entrepreneurs, and anyone who is new to Amazon FBA will learn a lot from ASM 11.


Image Courtesy: Amazing Selling Machine

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