ActiveCampaign Review

ActiveCampaign Review

ActiveCampaign is unique with the types of services that they provide to their customers. From our experience, it is quite clear that this type of email marketing is far more successful and efficient than otherwise expected. We are going to take an in-depth look at several of the high-quality marketing services that ActiveCampaign has designed and mastered.

By utilizing the resources and tools at ActiveCampaign, you will be able to automate your experience and make your marketing process far more efficient than ever before. There are several custom service plans with varying prices that we will be taking a look at in the following section.

ActiveCampaign Review

ActiveCampaign Review

Simplicity is one of the major aspects that are apparent when browsing through the ActiveCampaign marketing platform.

Users can easily navigate to the 'Pricing' tab and begin customizing their service plan. We will primarily be focusing on the different service plans and the varying perks that they have to offer.

Service Plans and Pricing

There is a customization slider that allows users to select the number of contacts they want to manage through their ActiveCampaign dashboard. The number of contacts can directly affect the pricing of each tier, so it is extremely important to select the correct number of contacts that you anticipate that you'll be marketing to. Users can select from a number as low as 500 contacts, all the way up to well over 100,000 contacts.

Service Plans and Pricing

For this pricing comparison, we'll assume we are marketing to 1,000 contacts. In this case, the most affordable plan is dubbed as the 'Lite' plan, clocking in at $17 per month for one year.

The most popular service plan is known as the 'Plus' option, but it is significantly higher in price at $49 per month. This plan includes everything from the previous plan, as well as sales automation resources and custom user permissions.

The final two plans are designed for extremely large marketing campaigns. They are designed for large companies or businesses that are looking to expand their campaigns at a rapid pace. The 'Professional' and 'Enterprise' plans are priced at $129 and $229 per month respectively. Some higher quality features include custom domains, unlimited sending, and dedicated account reps.

It might be hard to challenge the idea of switching to the ActiveCampaign marketing platform after hearing all about their unique features and services. This topic is reinforced because there are no setup and migration fees.

Email Marketing Features

Email Marketing Features

ActiveCampaign has a lot of different types of marketing focuses, but they have particularly useful services for email marketing. Users can broadcast emails to thousands of users at once. You can also customize your marketing campaign to trigger emails at specific times, or to filter out certain types of users. As a bonus, you can also take advantage of email auto-responders and sales-related emails.

Automated Features

Automated Features

There are several high-quality automated features within the ActiveCampaign platform. Users can set up their marketing dashboard to create an entire workflow designated for capturing actions that your contacts take when interacting with your website. This simple marketing resource can lead to more sales, more engagement, and better marketing results.

Customer Support

ActiveCampaign's website is equipped with an in-depth support center that can answer dozens of technical questions about the platform. There is also a simple help center that allows all users to reach out to support at any time. Customer service is always an important factor to consider before committing to a marketing platform. The good news is that this platform has proven to have quick response times and sufficient support staff.

Pros & Cons


  • In-Depth Marketing Dashboard.
  • Several Types of Service Plans.
  • Great Customer Service.


  • Steep Learning Curve.

Final Verdict

Now that we have had an opportunity to take a look at several of the important factors from the ActiveCampaign marketing platform, it is quite clear that new customers will have an intriguing decision to make.

Dozens of impressive features might overwhelm new customers at first, but the overall marketing potential seems to be incredible. There will be a learning curve, but that is a relatively minor setback to a platform that does so much for its customers.

You will be capable of producing a successful marketing campaign with the resources that ActiveCampaign provides. The only concern that users should have is the price tag for each service plan. The costs can stack up quickly, but ActiveCampaign allows users to pay one year upfront for a significant monthly price discount.

If you are still interested in giving ActiveCampaign a try, head on over to their website and contact support to see if you can take advantage of a free demo plan before committing to a purchase!


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